Healthy motivated employees are always the key component to a successful business. Health care costs are rising every day. Implementing a wellness program within corporate culture will decrease the company’s ultimate health care costs. A focus on workplace health and wellness always benefits the employees, employers and the community. Recent studies shows the benefit of Corporate Wellness are

Employees achieve higher mental concentration and feel more alert
They enjoy work more than non-participants and it boosts their morale
They improves reaction time, memory and decision-making ability
They are more productive, have more stamina and are sick less often
It induces sounder sleep and they can handle stress better
They have better rapport with co-workers and enjoy work more

By keeping those factors in mind Nirvana introduce the Corporate Wellness action plan  




Ayurveda and Ergonomics :-


Science of work (Ergonomics) meeting Science of Life (Ayurveda) Ergonomics is to protect the employees from repeated strain injuries (RSI) and Ayurveda has some golden rules to protect healthy blissful life.  Nirvana is putting forward a new   concept, We are providing ergonomically designed Ayurveda treatment programs for corporate people.


Ayurvedic spa treatments which involve the preventive aspects of diseases advices a lot of useful regimes to prevent the stress related health problems.